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Name: Mickey
Birthday: 03/14/2014
Kicking S Farms
Purchased From: Alyssa Rochelle
Purchased Date: 05/15/2014
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Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
ADGA# Pending
AGS# D-73924
Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, you can't help but love him because of his awesome coloring and mowhock that runs down is back. Just wait until you have to do anything with him!! Unless you would like him to go to the doe pen you can bet you will be dragging him. He doesn't lead, he doesn't follow, he doesn't like his wormer (the only goat that wont eat it), he is a stinker!! Anyway, Mickey is a Registered Nigerian Dwarf goat that came from Colorado. We purchased him as a pair with his twin sister Minnie. He made the trip just fine and is a very friendly goat, as long as you don't need him to do anything. When it's time to visit the does Mickey is the first one at the gate and wastes no time "doing his job." He is beautiful and should throw fabulous kids.
 Sire: Mountain Acres Goat Gally
Information and Photo for reference only
 Dam: Crowley Manor HollywoodStarlet
Information and Photos for reference only

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