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Name: Elsa
Birthday: 3/22/2014
Sex: Doe
Kicking S Farms
Purchased From: Melanie M Umble, Runnells, IA
Breed: Nubian
ADGA# N1703049
ADGA Pedigree
AGS# N-60477
Freshening Date: 09/21/2014
Expected Due Date: 02/18/2015
Expecting Sire: Kristoff
Elsa rode home from Runnells on the floor boards of our Taurus with her twin sister Merida. Elsa is a Nubian Goat, which are known for their great tasting milk and large production. Elsa is a wonderful goat and has a great structure for Nubian goats. She is a beautiful red color with red ears, the only difference from her sister. Elsa surprised us while in the car with an extremely loud BAA. By the time we got home, the ringing in our ears was more than we could take. We rolled the windows down to help the sound escape our car as much as we could. She can still scream with the best of them and will answer if you call her name. Elsa is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and will soon be registered with the American Goat Society as well.
Sire: Nubilop-Acres Big Sam
Owned By: Ten-Oak's Farm
Information and Photos for reference only
Breed: Nubian
ADGA# N1580349
Dam: Ten-Oak's Tulip
Owned By: Ten-Oak's
Information and Photos for reference only
Breed: Nubian
ADGA# N1580350

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