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Winterset, Iowa

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We have Goats For Sale!
Kicking S Farms was formalized in 2014 when Justin and I (Sarah) registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and the American Goat Society. We bought our first Nigerian Dwarf Goats in April and quickly followed with 2 Nubian Goats. I'm not sure how we acquired the others, ha ha, but they all came pretty fast. We stay pretty close to 40 goats between the Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, and Boer goats we have. We are excited to get back to nature and live within our means. We milk our goats and use the milk to drink, make cheese, and also soap. We also sell goats. We have 2 small girls, Carson and Tegan, and are excited for them to show their own goats in the local 4H group in a couple years. My husband and I are working on different ways to re-use things on our farm that have been here for decades.

Our Goats

We bought our first two goats on a whim after being teased for years by my father about being a goat milker. Maybe that's what I should be doing? I quit working to stay home with my two daughters. After a year of being home I decided maybe my dad was right, goats. Eight more goats arrived on our farm in May from Colorado Springs. Turns out my dad likes goats too, who knew? My father and mother selected and bottle fed six of them for a few weeks before they could make the trip to Iowa. Once they arrived we quickly figured out that keeping the Nigerian Dwarfs in the lot would require a better fence. Someone told us that keeping in Nigerian Dwarfs was "like fencing in mosquitos" and after a few days we agreed. It took a couple rolls of chicken wire to fill the gaps until a new woven wire fence could be put in place. After that it was just the gates that needed chicken wire and even the gap between the gate and post needed filled but they now stay in, well, most of the time.


  Half Lemon

Half Hour
Half Pint
Half And Half
Half Brown
Merida For Sale
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 Orange Blossom

Products Made From Goat Milk

Currently we are making and selling goat soap. This soap is a special blend of our goat's milk and other natural ingredients. I am currently up to more scents than I can keep up with and enough orders to keep me busy on the weekends.

Barn Board Creations

One of our many hobbies is to make and sell old barn board signs. Most of these signs are made to order so you can have the saying you want. Or you can select from some of our premade signs. Justin is also an expert in building with reclaimed boards. Each new thing he makes is bigger and better than the last.

Farm Fresh Eggs

We have some laying hens that are presently giving us more eggs than we can consume. Would you like some farm fresh eggs?